The Dark Chocolate Diet Plan
Dark Chocolate Diet

Break Free From Cravings with the Dark Chocolate Diet!

The Dark Chocolate Diet is different because it focuses on everything your get - not lack!

So let's end cycles of struggle and FAILURE together... 

Emelie Kamp

My name is Emelie Kamp. I'm a nutritional counselor, wellness coach, and co-founder of Worth it Living. I ran a wellness center in Stockholm where I took my clients through this same process to quit sugar, beat cravings, lose weight, live healthy - and not repeat the same cycles of failure.

How dark chocolate beat my sugar addiction:

What’s your struggle?  

Sugar was my weakness. As a little girl I would sneak into the sugar cubes and carefully remove them so I could eat the loose sugar at the bottom of the jar. I would then quickly replace the sugar cubes so I wouldn’t be found out.  

In my life, sugar was self-destructive and it had to go. I quit sugar many times, but it never worked.  

About ten years ago I did something different. Partly I was done trying and was committed to quitting sugar for good. That helped me to think about quitting sugar in a way - a way that would last. I decided I needed positive things to focus on. So I found sugar-free chocolate. We bought xylitol and stevia. We learned to make our own sugar-free ice cream. I focused on the positive and now it’s been over 10 years since I’ve eaten sugar.  

That choice led to me starting and running my own wellness center in Stockholm, Sweden where I got really good at taking others through the same process. Not only that, but I was able to make the whole process so much better and so much easier.  

It all started with helping people find good alternatives - to focus on the positive and make lasting change.  

Then I realized how much easier everything was when I helped my clients make some simple changes to stabilize blood sugar levels in the morning. More recently I’ve started working with balancing the body system that cause cravings with a mix of supplements and lifestyle.  

It’s become the Dark Chocolate Diet. The Dark Chocolate Diet isn’t just a diet. It’s lifestyle tools that can be used on their own or together with other diets to help you succeed and do so with enjoyment.  

Get started with the Dark Chocolate Diet!

How could dark chocolate possibly help me with sugar cravings and weight loss?!

The Dark Chocolate Diet is all about setting you free! Free from sugar cravings and emotional eating that often bring us into cycles of regret and shame. It’s too easy to think that you’re the one that’s broken when you keep doing and eating the things you don’t want to. The truth is that your body is just confused by the modern diet!

The modern diet causes both blood sugar spikes and dips that confuse your body. Your body sends the wrong signals and you end up with sugar cravings, the common "afternoon crashes" where you feel like you need caffeine or sugar to wake up, and late-night snacking.  

In the Dark Chocolate Diet we focus you on what you GET to eat, like sugar-free dark chocolate (see my list of the best sugar-free dark chocolate), one of the tools that helped me quit sugar and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle. Better alternatives and craving-busting tools together with our own “GI Line Method,” help your body come out of confusion and back into balance. It's fun (like chocolate), easy, AND you don't have to starve yourself or sacrifice the flavors you enjoy!

The Dark Chocolate Diet helps you:

  • Break Free from Cravings
  • Break Free from Sugar
  • Control Your Blood Sugar
  • Love Life & Eat Chocolate 

Dark Chocolate is the Opposite of the Modern Diet

Chocolate is the opposite of most of the struggles caused by the modern diet:  

The modern diet (high blood sugar) blocks fat burning and signals your body to store fat. But dark chocolate can help balance blood sugar, decrease appetite/cravings, and increase fat burning.  

The modern diet (high blood sugar) causes oxidative stress - damaging cells and causing aging. But dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols which protect against oxidation.  

The modern diet causes our energy levels and mood to be as unstable as our blood sugar levels. But dark chocolate boosts our mood by boosting brain chemicals and our energy.

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In turn we're going to give you lifetime access to the Dark Chocolate Diet for less than the cost of a single month with some of the other memberships. And because I want to see you break free from sugar cravings and destructive cycles of shame and disappointment, I'm throwing in some great bonuses as well (because who doesn' love bonuses, right?!)

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  • Bonus #4 - Recipe videos! You also get a few excellent recipe videos on how to make delicious blood-sugar balancing alternatives. Dark Chocolate Diet approved!

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