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Best Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

You have found the best list of organic, super-healthy, sugar-free, dark chocolates. And yes, we've tried them all - almost ;).

#1 | Healthy Chocolates ChocoWellness Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate  

This is my absolute favorite and is everything I look for in a sugar-free dark chocolate. It's made with organic chocolate, sweetened with xylitol (from birch not corn), and contains additional herbs and super-foods that help stabilize blood sugar and minimize hunger and cravings. Healthy Chocolates earns the well-deserved #1 best sugar-free dark chocolate spot - by a long shot. Comparison Price: $10.83 / 100g

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#2 | Bulletproof Chocolate Fuel Bars – Original Dark

Bulletproof makes amazing chocolates, but they are a bit pricey. They use organic raw chocolate (cacao powder & cacao butter), and sweeten it with xylitol (also from hardwood, not corn). They also add Bulletproof XCT oil powder which is their MCT oil blend that can also help with cravings. Comparison Price: $11.28 / 100g

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Healthy Chocolate - Second Best Organic Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

#3 | Healthy Chocolates NakedNature Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate  

This is the same organic chocolate sweetened with xylitol as above, but a bit cheaper since it doesn't have the herbs and super-foods. Like above it's a true "free from" chocolate. Free from sugar, milk, gluten, nuts, and other common allergens. Healthy Chocolates take the first two spots on the best sugar-free dark chocolate list. They're just that good. Comparison Price: $8.32 / 100g

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#4 | Lily's Extra Dark Chocolate

Lily's isn't organic, but it's the one that's easiest to find. This is our go-to when we're out of chocolate, but are near a Sprouts, Lucky's, or Whole Foods. Sweetened with erythritol and stevia, it's a good, inexpensive, sugar-free dark chocolate - especially for emergency situations ;). Comparison Price: $5.61 / 100g

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What it Takes to Make the Dark Chocolate Diet Best Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate List.

My husband, Benjamin and I are serious about dark chocolate. We imported chocolate from the USA, Germany, UK, Switzerland, and Spain into Stockholm, Sweden when we ran our wellness center and web store. 

Chocolate was a central part to how we quit sugar, which was the first step for us in getting serious about our own health and lifestyle. It's why we created the Dark Chocolate Diet. It helped us get free in a fun and positive way and when paired with the right positive diet and lifestyle changes can help you do the same.

What we look for in a sugar-free dark chocolate:

Organic and ethically sourced dark chocolate - We first look for a chocolate that is organic and ethically sourced. This is important with chocolate. The problem with "organic" + "sugar-free" is that some natural sugar alternatives are not able to be certified organic. So many of the very best chocolates in the world, like Healthy Chocolate, are not "certified organic" on the label. In our opinion that makes those companies even more amazing. They use organic ingredients even when they can't use the organic certification label.

Sugar-free chocolate and "no added sugar" alternatives - How a chocolate is sweetened matters. There's two groups of natural sweeteners that work well in chocolate. Sugar alcohols is the first. This includes xylitol, erythritol, sorbitol, maltitol, and more. The two sugar alcohols with the most health benefits, studies, and are the least laxative (as some sugar alcohols, like maltitol, can be) are xylitol an erythritol. The second group are the natural sweetener extracts from stevia and monk fruit.

Our favorite natural sweetener that makes the best sugar-free dark chocolate is xylitol. You can learn more about xylitol at Worth it Living. Next would be erythritol, but too much erythritol tastes waxy when mixed with chocolate, so it needs to be combined with either stevia or monk fruit.

Meet Emelie, Your Host and Dark Chocolate Diet Founder

Emelie Kamp

My name is Emelie Kamp. I'm a nutritional counselor, wellness coach, and co-founder of Worth it Living. I ran a wellness center in Stockholm where I took many clients through this same process to show them that they could - quit sugar, beat cravings, lose weight, live healthy - and not repeat the same cycle of failure.

Is the Dark Chocolate Diet Right for You?

The Dark Chocolate Diet is a hope-filled & positive diet. It's focused on what you get rather than lack. We use specific tools and methods to help you beat sugar cravings, snacking, and end cycles of failure & shame.

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