Dark Chocolate Diet - Conquer Sugar Cravings

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5 Steps to Conquering Sugar & Cravings with the Dark Chocolate Diet!

#1 - The Dark Chocolate Diet Plan Basics & Free Guide:

The Dark Chocolate Diet will help you conquer your cravings!

You are not a failure! You are not weak! The deck has been stacked against you, but you are rising up!

The Dark Chocolate Diet focuses on three simple things to beat sugar cravings, cravings, and snacking:

  • Breakfast – If you don’t start the day with stable blood sugar, you’re setting yourself up for failure. We use our own “GI Line Method” to illustrate that and encourage you in the morning. This is where you win your day and conquer sugar cravings in the evening.
  • Alternatives – By switching higher sugar and fast-carb foods with better alternatives we help you find ways to live your life enjoying what you eat instead of regretting what you eat.
  • Our "DCD Toolkit," which includes sugar-free dark chocolate, is our secret sauce. Use the DCD Toolkit to get your body in balance and be ready for sugar cravings. (See step #3) 

The Dark Chocolate Diet can be used on its own, but it also compliments other diets like low-carb, ketogenic (keto), Atkin’s, low-GI, paleo, and others. 

Learn about this and more in your free personalized Dark Chocolate Diet Plan. Keep this page open, because you still have 4 more steps with more resources to help you conquer sugar and get freedom! 

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First, I want to help you. You can do the Dark Chocolate Diet with nothing more than the resources on this page. At the same time, I have created some amazing resources for you to really get the most out of the Dark Chocolate Diet and your new lifestyle. I want you to consider going VIP, because it really will help you.

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#3 - Get the Dark Chocolate Diet Tools:

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

We recommend xylitol sweetened dark chocolate. Sugar-free dark chocolate goes far on it's own in conquering cravings and the xylitol also has been show to help do that as well. We only recommend xylitol from birch trees. Xylitol and erythritol are the two least laxitive sugar alcohols. Still, start slow so your body has time to adjust. The DCD recommendation is one piece of dark chocolate after each meal.

See our list of the best sugar-free dark chocolates

Omega-3 Fish Oil

In Sweden, the sugar addiction program I studied required all patients to be on an omega-3 fish oil supplement. Too low or out of balance omega-3 fat ratios set off different reactions in the body that increase cravings. The important part is for the fish oil to be stabalized both with vitamin E and polyphenols.

  • Zinzino Omega-3 Fish Oil - Blended with a high quality olive oil for stability. This is the same formula that was used in Scandinavia and was then purchased by Zinzino, making it available to most of the world.
  • Thorne Fish Oil - Stabalized with vitamin E, rosemary (polyphenol), and astaxanthin, a strong antioxidant.

Hemp Oil (CBD)

One of the things omega-3 is involved in is balancing the endocannabinoid system. Yes, our own internal cannabinoid system. Taking phytocannabinoids from CBD oils (legal in all 50 states and most of the world) can help to balance this as well. This also helps prevent cravings.

#4 - Get Encouragement & Accountability:

Don't do it alone! The Dark Chocolate Diet is super simple, super powerful, and super fun. Get your freinds and family on the journey with you. It will help you and it will help them!

#5 - Get Access to the Dark Chocolate Diet Program:

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